Day of the Bible

September is a month designated as the month of the Bible and in many countries the 27 th of September is the day of the Bible. Did you know that such a designation existed?

In the Dominican Republic, many special events are being planned for the 27th. The Free Methodist church of the Dominican Republic called for special teaching concerning the word of God during the Month of December. They set a goal for more bibles m1 Lloyd Biblefor people in churches and some set a goal of a bible for every person in their congregation. Several churches – different denominations- have planned a march and a special event for churches along a twenty miles stretch of a highway to cooperate and draw attention to the Bible. In one service, Lloyd did a balloon story making a Bible. All of the kids wanted the balloon bible but one woman took seriously the offer of seeing Lloyd for a Bible after service. Two days later, a Bible was set aside for Johanny.

g10 Bibles for Marleny y ApolinarMany of the bibles that we have brought into the Dominican Republic by mission teams are paperback bibles. Leaders and pastors need Bibles with a concordance, or a study bible and many could use a bible case to protect the bible and ensure it lasts longer. A Bible for pastors is a special blessing. Marleny, who works with children and youth and is exploring a call to the pastorate, received a pastor’s bible and her husband, Apolinar, a study bible.

“The word of our God endures forever.” Isaiah 40:8

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