Lights Camera Action

A couple of statements highlight the importance of pictures: “A picture is worth a thousand words” or “words are not enough”.

During our recent trip to the Dominican Republic, several pastors had the opportunity to express needs for their congregation on videotape and share what they wanted to tell Canadians about their church and explain how a project team or resources from Canada would enable them to complete a project sooner. Some of the projects are large, some small and all are unique just as worship in each is unique to its community.

lights camera action              This past week, we have worked on those videos so that people here can experience the flavor of worship in the Dominican Republic and understand the needs expressed by pastors. A DVD has been produced outlining the requests. The DVD features clips of pastors, from 8 different communities, of work sites, and of ministry in each congregation. Editing is like a giant cut and paste job and quite time consuming but also educational. Computer programs can do amazing things once you know how to use them. Then English voiceover has been added so that what the pastors are saying can be understood.

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