Meeting a Need

a1 house beforeAs members of the mission team were walking down the hill, Norma drew our attention to a mother, her small house and a need. A shy woman invited us into her two room home where she, her husband and two children lived. We learned that the kitchen/eating area had to be become a bedroom at night with a mattress on the floor. The couple had begun an addition to double the size of the house and had two rows of concrete blocks laid. Work had stopped and the husband lost his job. Although the family was not part of the church, on the recommendation of the local church, our mission team left money for the construction to continue when the team returned to Canada in March.

a2 house after

When Lloyd and I returned to Navas in August and to a church service, the first people to greet us were the couple. With big smiles and thanks, they invited us to come to see the finished addition. We were delighted to see them in church and delighted to visit and see the new cooking dining area, and bedroom now set up permanently. The man came out of the house wearing a polo shirt with the emblem of tourist resort near Puerto Plata and told us that he was starting work that day. God is so good!

a3 inside

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