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Typical Foods

Often when we are away on mission, we are asked “what is a typical meal in Canada?” In Canada, we have a great richness and variety and many foods have been borrowed and become part of what most Canadians eat, such as pizza, lasagna, sauerkraut and pretzels. Truly Canadian foods include poutine, butter tarts and maple syrup.

c typical meal DR                In the Dominican Republic, white rice, beans, salad and a small serving of chicken is the staple meal.  I especially enjoy fried cheese and the fried yucca arepita. In Mexico, Tortillas are part of every meal. Most families also have pan dulce – sweet bread- at least once a day. These breads come in a variety of shapes; some are stuffed with fruit. The concha is one.  It gets its name from the shape and marks in the icing which gives the appearance of a conch shell.

A person goes on a mission tries to adapt to the culture and food of the area we visit.  When migrants come to Canada, we should as reverse missionaries try to offer them something of their own culture when possible. Lots of hot sauces are available in grocery stores.  conchasI decided to make conchas since there is nothing quite like it in Southern Ontario.  You can imagine my surprise when Alberto asked me to write out the recipe so he could take it back to his wife. I was delighted to have made the men who came to the apartment for the conchas and a pop happy.

Paul wrote that he became all things to win all people to the gospel. By baking a typical Mexican food, I had the opportunity to sit and visit and talk about various churches with three workers.