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Touching People

A96 Andres closeup smilingThe Facebook message From Pastor Andres read, “Don’t stop touching peoples’ lives as you touched mine.” I first met Andres, pastor of a Spanish speaking congregation, while being part of a network of pastors in London, all of whom except my husband and I, spoke Spanish as a first language and served as pastors of Spanish speaking congregations in London, Ontario. For a period we met regularly with Andres, communicated often, prayed together and went of a mission trip to the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

His words were a real blessing and caused me to focus on a couple of people who had greatly touched my life and ministry. Pastor Leonard challenged me to stretch far in my faith journey urging me to stand up and speak up for what I believed in. His generosity and his faithfulness to Christ touched me deeply. His example and teaching helped me move from a one-hour a week Christian to a person sold out to Christ.

M2 Cindy Silvia                Silvia, a Dominican and mother of six children all involved in pastoring or serving Jesus, also touched me. Her example and prayer life encouraged me to grow.  When I began to study theology and enter the pastorate, she spoke prophetic words that God was leading me in a new ministry and that I should not be afraid to embrace God’s plans for my life. She supported my decision to study, prayed for me and for many years brought coffee to my room in the Dominican each morning.  She provided a wonderful example of a servant’s heart.

Pastor Andres’ comment to keep on touching people is solid advice for many today. How do we keep on touching?  Is there someone you know who needs to be mentored by a faithful servant?  Is there someone who needs to see you serving with a servant’s heart?  Who will look at you and say thanks for touching my life for Christ?  E