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Trust In God

This week, I have joined working on a cross stitch book mark. I love to see something develop as each stitch is made.  The design has at its centre a cross and beside the cross a hearts. A vine with pink and lilac flowers winds around the cross. The scripture verse included is from Proverbs 3%: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”

I have a fairly quiet week knowing that surgery on my knee was on the agenda for Thursday. I have read through the material, gathered the supplies I need to take to the hospital: the special stockings, a sheepskin and an inmobilizer. I have done my stretching and strengthening exercises faithfully. I am ready for the shower with special soap and my bag is packed with the loose shorts I need for therapy. Last week I attended the pre-op session and I feel at peace about the whole thing.

Barb in hospital

Why do I feel at peace? I have the assurance of prayer from many people in three countries. I have done all that I can. I realised as I worked on the book mark, that I am trusting in the Lord and I know all will go well.