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Crushed Bones and Rejoicing

Recently a couple of scriptures have been going through my mind; both call for rejoicing in the midst of crushed or broken bones.   As well an old spiritual repeats in my mind, “Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones, I hear the word of the Lord.” The spiritual reference is to Ezequiel 37: 1- 14.  Ezekiel receives a vision in the middle of a valley of dry bones and the Lord calls him to prophesy of a restoration of life and the dependence for that restoration on the power of God. As Ezekiel spoke the words God had given him, he heard a rattling sound and the bones which came together were given flesh and life was restored.

Why has the subject of bones been on my mind?  I just came from a family summer barbecue and my son–in-law commented on the “fractured family.”  (The men in particular, in the family love to use puns.) One person wore a splint on his finger which he broke at work. Another member of the family was unable to attend because he broke his arm while out west and can’t drive back to Ontario because of the break. And blog boneslastly, my son-in–law was released from the hospital just days ago after surgery to repair three breaks in his leg bones. He, too, was unable to attend the event.

Psalm 51:8 states, “Let the bones you have crushed rejoice.”   How wonderful that we can rejoice in a God who restores, who heals and does so through a power that only He has. We rejoiced and laughed about a lot of things as the family was together and we rejoice that bones can be restored.