Being Intentional

Abram Till blog pic                Friday afternoon we entered the hospitality centre, brought in the tortillas, set out the cookies and chips, made sure there was water and pop in the fridge and waited just minutes before the first of the Mexicans dropped in to the centre. Abraham, a visitor from Mexico picked up his bible and went to sit at a table with the first group of men who arrived. After everyone had received a coke or a bottle of water and eaten some tortilla chips, he introduced himself and spoke a bit about this home back in Mexico.   After asking them a couple of questions about their week, he said “I am a missionary.”

Abraham then talked about God’s love, how he had experienced that love, about the one God and answered questions.  He and those he talked with opened bibles and read and discussed what he read. Most of the men listened intently.  Abraham came prepared, knew what he wanted to share and was pleased that he found people receptive to listening.  Many Canadian Christians could take a lesson from Abraham.  He came prepared, he had prayed about the conversations he had and he was intentional. He had come from Mexico and was speaking with people of the same language and culture. Romans 10:14, 15 asks the following questions: How can someone call on the God if they have never heard about them and how can they hear if no one speaks to them about God. Abraham has chosen to teach the good news of Jesus Christ. May god bless his efforts.

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