Unless the Lord Builds the House

Moses writes of building the tabernacle and of the people sending in freewill offerings and supplies. He reached a point when he had to give an order not to bring in any other offerings for the sanctuary because they had already received enough.  We wonder when that point will be reached in the building of the church in Navas in the Dominican Republic. We know that God knows where the resources will come from and we know that “unless the Lord builds the house, the laborers build in vain. Psalm 127:5.

20180811_091153             Yesterday the Navas church got just a little bit closer.  We held a yard sale and God gave us a nice morning.  The benefits include a cleaner garage and more space in an apartment storage area.  There was good conversation with the neighbors who also had a sale.  Fishing equipment, garden tools, a lawnmower and a hedge trimmer found new homes as did a lot of other things. But the best part is that $275.00 was raised to assist in the construction in Navas.

How many blocks and how many bags of cement will that sum provide?  A bag of cement in the Dominican costs about $10:00 Canadian a bag and a concrete block is approximately $1:25.   The yard sale will advance the work of God’s temple.   Thanks for the use of a driveway for the sale, for the preparation work to get materials ready for the sale and for the blessing to the people of Navas.

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