When God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, He brought to Adam all the animals and birds and all the living creatures for Adam to name them.  Adam also named his wife Eve because she would be the mother of all. We can also find in the Bible individuals who were renamed directly by God or Jesus Christ. Abram was changed to Abraham meaning “father of many nations,” and his wife’s from Sarai to Sarah which means “mother of many nations.”

Names are important in the Bible because they may suggest something about a person’s character or about one’s relationship with God or God’s purpose for an individual.  Saul was renamed as Paul when he was God’s chosen instrument to go to the gentiles. I enjoyed some time on the internet looking at meaning of names. Barbara is a name which suggests a stranger or someone unknown. This is appropriate in that I work with Mexicans who are strangers in South West Ontario and do mission ministry in the Dominican Republic.  Lloyd is the name for a person with white hair and although his hair was not always white, what’s left is white.

I am a mother, a wife, a pastor so I am also called Mom, Barbie-doll and pastora. As well I have a new name that I received when I accepted Christ as my saviour. This new name Christian should indicate that I am a new person who aims to be Christ-like, identifies my relationship as a loved and forgiven child of God and explains the motive or purpose of my ministry with people from a culture different than my own. I changed and continue to change with my new name. How has being called a Christian changed your life?

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