The Best Day of Our Lives

I heard the song, The Best Day of My Life, as one of the themes songs in a wedding. Recently, Lloyd and I have been focused on weddings, having attended two rehearsals, two weddings and edited videotapes of those ceremonies over a ten day period. The wedding of Steven and Julia-Ann was truly an event that can be described as the best day of their lives.

blog steve 2                The venue was a delightful spot, groomed for weddings in a peaceful rural setting. After the service, cupcakes and veggies etc. were served from two farm wagons just off to the side of the open area for the service The Pastor, the groom’s father, stood in front of an old country church. About 70-80 people watched the service while seated in a green space under a bright warm sun.  Even through it rained in the morning and later in the evening, the afternoon was an answer to many prayers for sunshine.  The bridesmaids, two flower girls and a ring bearer walked down a natural aisle between two rows of trees.  The church bell sounded as the couple was declared man and wife.

blog steve 3            The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and very family centered.  The groom’s sister, mother and grandfather sang a trio, and one of the groomsmen was the groom’s brother; members of the bride’s family read scripture, prayed for the couple or were part of the bridal party. Later, the father of the bride was the emcee of the reception dinner.

The day was the best day of their lives.


Next blog will be about the second wedding.

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