Moving Out

There is a song about ending a relationship which says “movin’ on out”. It is a rather negative image of the break-up of a relationship. But moving on out can be a very positive concept. My husband and I spent one day this week at a wedding and reception but we also had opportunities earlier in the day to talk with several people and in particular with two pastors who spoke about the timing for a congregation to move out beyond itself and into its community.
Pastor Andres has spent three years in his church building trust and training leadership and learning about healing ministry. Now is the time for his people to move out into the community both locally and globally.  Someone from his congregation goes monthly to a church about an hour’s drive away mentoring and helping a young pastoral couple.  In a month Pastor Andres plans to be in Columbia with his mentor pastor teaching about healing and using God’s power to heal, reconcile and restore.

moving out MarioPastor Mario is considering a month of prayer and fasting before going out into the city of London. He states that you have to go out and listen and be caring because the world we live in is a hurting world.  Churches cannot look in on themselves; they must be alive and sensitive to hurting people and to bring God’s healing to others.  We spent a few minutes with Pastor Mario in the chapel praying for God’s blessing and healing grace.

moving out DougThese two meetings took place before the wedding and between the wedding and the reception we sat in the Tillsonburg mall and spoke with Mexican migrant workers inviting to the opening of hospitality centre which is open for workers every Friday. Jesus met people in the streets rather than in the tabernacles.  Let’s follow his example and be out in the community around us listening to and seeing needs.

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