Celebrating Canada Day

Yesterday, we participated in what has been a family tradition for decades and celebrated with thousands of others Canada Day. We are blesses to live in a country with freedom and to be able to sing of the “true north strong and free.” In Sarnia, Canada Day involves a parade – bigger and better this year because of it being 150 years.  Lloyd and I have shared this experience with our family and also with several of the migrant workers who come to our area.  A parade here to celebrate a national day is quite different from what happens in many countries. In Mexico, there would be a strong focus and significant presence of the military forces in the parade. When Canada day occurred on a Sunday we brought workers to the parade and went on to the church where I preached wearing a pair of shorts and a red t-shirt with a maple leaf.  We sang the Canadian national anthem and then some of the verses of the Mexican national hymn. Then we followed up with a barbecue and hamburgers.

Canada Day in Sarnia celebrates Canada’s history and its diversity. We also participated in the international flavor of the celebration: the international food booths in the park. We ate perogies, spring rolls and souvlaki.  We did not sample the cake which was made up of 3000 cupcakes. How wonderful it is to have a rich diversity of cultures living together in Canada. I remember attending Canada Day with a family from El Salvador which had just arrived in Canada a few days before July 1. Their delight was wonderful.

Most Canada Days end with fireworks. This year we watched the fireworks sitting in lawn chairs on the church property. The evening was one of activity and games for children, music with a live band, popcorn candy floss and birthday cake.

We are blessed to live in Canada.

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