Unwanted Treasures

The expression is that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  Perhaps that fact is one of the reasons yard sales are popular. They are a great opportunity to get rid of things you no longer use, want or treasure. Our experience at yard sales in the past month has been one of finding treasures – treasures for ministry in the Dominican Republic. One Saturday morning, we brought a clown costume – this is a highly sought item for children’s ministry in the Dominican Republic. The next Saturday we bought a brand new pair of butterfly wings suitable for the ministry of dance which is quite popular in the Dominican. (The man who sold it said he would like to see us wearing or using the wings and we said it is a long trip to the Dominican if he wants to see the wings in use.)  He looked at us with surprise and said we were the second couple to buy things that were going to the Dominican Republic from him that morning

unwanted treasuresThis week we found two brand new puppets and again often Dominican churches have requested puppets. I would love to find some more treasures including wooden beads suitable for heads on an angel craft or glue guns. Ribbon is great for making bracelets, barrettes and angels. While the puppets, clown costumes and wings will be used in ministry, they are still things. What makes them a treasure for me is that they can and will be used to tell bible stories and the good news of salvation.

Treasures – things – can be found at yard sales or sometimes stored in house that are full of things. However, the real lasting treasures are not earthly things and not things that can be worn out or destroyed by use but the treasures I value are ones we store up in heaven. ( Matthew 6:20)

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