I have been reading a book this week by Charles M. Shelden, author of IN HIS STEPS. In His Steps is the book that challenged believers to ask in every situation they faced what would Jesus do and then be guided by what Jesus would do. The situation in the book Jesus is Here involves some of the people from In His Steps and is an allegory based on the physical return of Jesus to earth. The book was first published as a serial in 1913.

Jesus came to the United States in a 1913 setting and was described as a common or ordinary person but different. He was a humble man yet a very powerful man and a speaker who mesmerized people. The Jesus who came in the book came to encourage churches, (Imagine how much this blessed pastors everywhere and can today) to emphasize the churches are doing well and to encourage people to live full out for Christ, to speak against exploitation and child labour and poverty and against war. He also sought to encourage churches to work together.

What struck me was that yes Jesus is here as he was in 1913 and as he is in 2017.  How many of us live as though Jesus was in our community? How many of us hunger to be in his presence as did many of the characters in the book?

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