Being Family

Being fam 2Last night more than twenty people including Mexican workers, a pastoral family originally from El Salvador and Canadians came together in time of fellowship in a church in Thedford, Ontario. This is the first of a weekly ministry which will continue until the workers go back to Mexico in the fall. One of the workers was born in Kenya, studied in University in Costa Rico where he learned excellent Spanish and is now in S.W. Ontario on a two year work contract. Jorge and Cleo had hugs for Luis and Steve who had been in Mexico a couple of months earlier to start a church plant. Each week’s meeting will include a meal, some teaching of English and bible study.

Being fam 1Everyone enjoyed a good meal of chicken rice and salad and then sat around the table for conversation, sharing of experience and hearing about a special gift. This gift like all gifts can be accepted or rejected. The special gift is the salvation we are offered through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. One worker, Aaron, accepted that gift for the first times as Pastor Mario led him and others in prayer. Aaron is the worker in blue seated at the top of the picture beside pastor Mario in yellow shirt.

Being fam 3Mexicans enjoyed the opportunity to talk with others from Mexico, to eat candy from Mexico and to take home new shirts and also a Bible.  Cleo, one of the Mexicans, brought gifts  – onion and potatoes – which both Canadians and workers could take home.

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