What’s in a Ring?

A cousin I had not seen for a couple of years came to visit; we chatted and shared memories and went out for lunch. Before she left, she gave me a gift – a gift a ring with five pearls.  The ring was an engagement ring which belonged to my grandmother and since I was the first grandchild, I was being given the ring. After trying it on to see if it fit, we talked about the rings we wore. Both my engagement ring and my first family ring have been replaced. I lost the diamond in my engagement ring after wearing it for forty years.  My family ring got pulled from my finger in a tussle with the conveyor belt which moves luggage through security at the airport.  I did not realize I had lost until I was on the plane.

My husband bought me a new ring and a couple of years later I was given a new family ring which included a stone for my son-in-law whom I love like a son.  I also wear with pleasure my mother-in-law’s ring. My cousin also had rings from her family and in-laws.

Why do people give or receive rings? When the prodigal son returned home, his father placed a ring on his finger as recognition of his son and his acceptance into the family that he left behind. Rings are given as a special favor several times in the Bibles. A ring was placed in Rebekah’s nose by the servant Abraham sent to find a wife for Isaac.  Joseph was given Pharaoh’s ring as a sign of authority.  Engagement rings are given and received as a sign of favor and commitment.  Family rings are given as a sign of favor and belonging.

I was blessed and favored by the gift of a ring.  I have also been blesses and favored by a much greater gift, the gift of salvation and eternal life.

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