An Infectious Smile

DR93 Gib Marleny                Marleny I have known since she was 9 months old and she has always been a delight to be with. When she was young, she travelled with her mother on several mission teams with us. One of her favourite questions was “Can I help?” She loves the Lord and loves to be leading a children’s ministry. She is a bundle of energy and she uses that energy to teach dance as worship, to decorate the church for weddings (the church is not a completed building and therefore harder to decorate) and to lead in worship for service.  Even when she was pregnant, she came to help us with craft class in the church a couple of blocks from her home.

Marleny worship                Marleny is also a young mother with three children under the age of six. She teaches her children to pray and sing worship songs and Adriany, the oldest, participates in both dance and singing during services. Marleny also puts on clown makeup and costume and sings out the good news of Jesus to children. Marleny would love to finish college and be involved in active ministry. Learning to speak and read English is another goal. She was absolutely delighted to receive a bilingual bible in February.

clowns                Marleny cares about people and remembers what they like.  She always finds bananas for Tío Lloyd and buys some cheese for me.  With all of the caring for her children, she still has time to prepare breakfast, put on a pot of coffee or prepare a meal for others. She even prepared a pot of soup and with her husband on their motorcycle delivered to our place. What she has she shares with others.  Marleny’s talents are not hidden and she clearly deserves to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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