“Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice.” King David when confronted with his sin by Nathan cried out for mercy with these words to God.  How wonderful it is that we have a God who can restore relationships and bring rejoicing out of pain.

This week I was given a date for a total knee replacement operation; I have waited a long time for that decision. While there has been and will be pain yet for a while, I look forward to restoration and renewed mobility to do God’s work. While I wait, I minister through social media and wait till I can return to the Dominican and walk pain free.  Many years ago I broke an ankle that kept me off my left foot for three months. However God enabled me to go to the Dominican that summer and minister.  (Only limitation no more motorcycle rides). The following poem written at that time expresses my hope and delight in God’s power to renew and heal.



intricately designed, wonderfully made


broken, splintered, shattered

Utterly crushed.

A spirit once singing its joy

and gladness

now dejected, deflated

defeated, Utterly crushed

Nothing more.

But wait!

A whispering refrain

wells up, “Rejoice.”

First feebly –


growing to a crescendo



“Let  the bones you have crushed rejoice!”

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