Let There Be Light

Often in the Dominican when the hydro comes back on, we say Sea the luz, let there be light. It is an often used expression which comes right from the Bible and the creation account in Genesis. There are many other expressions which are used, some of which are being lost and others while still used are not recognized as having come from the Bible.

The expression of the blind leading the blind comes from a reference in Matthew 15: 14, 15. Jesus said this to Peter about the Pharisees. A missionary’s task is to open eyes so that fewer people are led by the blind into the pit and away from God.   When someone speaks about the writing being on the wall and indicates that things have been settled or decided.  The finger of a human hand appeared at a banquet held by King Belshazzar and wrote a message on the wall (Daniel, chapter 5). Daniel was called to explain the prophecy and judgement in the words written on the wall. Going to the ends of the earth involves taking God’s message to the whole world.

Another expression is something came right from the horse’s mouth suggesting the authority or truth of a statement. In Numbers 22: 28-34, Balaam’s donkey spoke to him after Balaam beat him three times. Again God’s presence is part of the story and expression.   Try 1 Samuel 1:19 for the origin of the expression the mighty have fallen.

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