Special Surprise

Lloyd and I received a wonderful surprise when we attended an evening service in Hatico Mao, in the Dominican Republic. We have been visiting this small congregation for more than 20 years. Lloyd often calls Hatico his home church when we are in the Dominican.

lloyd               As the service progressed, the children were called to share a special moment.  Three children came forward: the youngest, a girl about 5 years old, welcomed us and then sat down. Then the boy said, “Yo soy Lloyd” or “I am Lloyd” and the second girl said, “Yo soy Barbara – I am Barbara.”

The boy then began to blow up a balloon and tell the story of Zacchaeus using the same words and actions Lloyd would use even when the balloon broke. When he sat barbdown, the girl opened her Bible and read a passage of scripture just as I would when preaching in Hatico. There was lots of laughter but for Lloyd and I this became a memory we will treasure a long time. What a delight to know that our teaching has impacted the children of Hatico.

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