Limited Connection

If you are reading this, you are a follower of our blog and Facebook page and  likely a frequent user of social media.  What would happen and how would you feel if you were limited to only one hour of access to Facebook, messenger and E-mail a week? Would you go into withdrawal?

Each evening as Lloyd and I sat in Pastor Bandelis’ house after service, several young people came by and often 5 or 6 six cell phones were out and being used at the same time. The pings and whistles of incoming communication were pretty constant.  On other occasions and in other places, I often had to wait until I arrived at a place with wi-fi, with hydro on or walk down the street to the motorcycle shop so I could connect.

The ability to send pictures and a short message once daily or more often made it possible for people back home to see the diversity of our ministry and to pray for us and our needs and to praise God for the blessings we experienced. I was also wonderful to be able to hear that all was well back home. We are extremely grateful that our connection with God is not limited.

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