On A Mission

That’s the phrase Yovanny uses to describe what he has been doing the last three weeks. He has been part of our mission team and ministry. He has been doing all kinds of things. yovanni-2He has brought supplies to the work site in Damajagua – tanks for water, water from the canal, wood, re-bar, cement. He has made trips the airport to get the team, trips to the hardware store for tubes and other supplies, to take some one to pick up a new pair of glasses,  to get the team to the various homes where meals are provided, to help deliver  benevolent packages to a half dozen families. He drove the team to church in several different communities. One trip was to take someone to a clinic in Santiago.




yovanni-1                But Yovanny has done more than be a go-for person. He has participated in worship services, singing, praying and translating. He has helped us communicate with Canadians by taking pictures and posting them on Facebook.

Yovanny will continue with us another week and get us to the airport for our return flight. This last week involves our ministry in a rural community with booth Dominicans and Haitians. He has made much ministry possible.

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