Recycling for Ministry

This year as we prepare for craft time in the Dominican Republic, we are also concerned for God’s creation. One of our children’s crafts uses the plastic k-cups from the coffee machine – about 225 cups of coffee.  Once the cups are emptied and clean, a string goes through the hole punched in the bottom by the coffee machine and this string when knotted on the inside becomes the handle for our shaker musical instrument. Then a few grains of rice are put in the cup and the top is covered with tinfoil and taped closed.  The children will have these shakers as we sing worship songs and read Psalm 150 about the various ways of praising God.

A ladies’ craft uses pop can tabs to make a bracelet. Ribbon will be weaved through the tabs and then tied for wearing the bracelet. Proverbs 31 speaks about the virtuous or noble woman and her skill in choosing thread and weaving.  The last verse of Proverbs 31 calls those who read it to honor all the things that the hands of the noble woman have done or made.  It is an opportunity to see women as important to the family and God and to recognize the creativity God has given his people.

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