Being connected for some means being in the right group, having pull with a politician or boss because of connections. Being connected is much more. Being connected makes it possible to get things done in unsuspected ways.

I received a message from a pastor I first met some ten years ago and have come to know him much better in the last two years. At the request of a migrant worker, two people are going to Cuernavaca in a week to look at establishing a ministry/church. The d53-cleoworker, Cleo, and Steve I also met some ten years ago and Luis, the third person, I met in a Spanish worship service in London, Ontario. Pastor Mario asked if it was possible to get about 30 Spanish language bibles to take with them. A couple I met five years ago working in cooperation with SONshine Ministries takes bibles into Mexico and has arranged for Bibles into other countries as well. They just left 6 boxes of Spanish language bibles at a church in Bright’s Grove. An email and a drive out to Bright’s Grove resulted in having 30 bibles to drop off for Pastor Mario.  Another connection led to an e-mail which put the Canadian team in contact with a pastor in Mexico.

What did we do to get the bibles to Cuernavaca?  Not much. Yet a light doesn’t go on unless power runs through wires. We were the conduit or channel bringing the efforts of many others together.  All of us were part of getting those bibles into Mexico.  God uses many to accomplish his work.

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