An Ice View

Today we were in a car from Niagara Falls, New York to Sarnia. First the driving conditions were good, then conditions got slushy and slippery and it was obvious Hamilton and area had fresh snow. By the time, we hit London there was very limited visibility and then soon after we drove into sunshine and clear roads. We saw the day from different perspectives: clear, slushy and slippery and then whiteouts and back to clear conditions

This week-end we saw Niagara Falls from a new perspective – an ice view. First we were on the US side and not the Canadian. The Canadian side is very commercial and tourist oriented while the falls on the US side are in a state Park. There were trees and open spaces. From the US, we were much higher than we would be on the Canadian side and we looked down over the falls and river to Canada.  We were also in Niagara in January dscn1957and the temperature was about 11 below. The mist from the Horseshoe Falls rose quite high into the sky and came down as rain and instantly froze on the car, on us and everything around. Walking to the lookout points required care because of the ice and the wind was bitterly cold. But what we saw was beautiful. The trees and branches, covered with ice were spectacular. Everything glistened in the glow cast by the lights along the paths. The view was quite different  than from the Canadian side and there was a wonderful sense of how beautiful and majestic God’s creation can be and is.

Many things about life are and can be seen differently when viewed from God’s perspective as well. Help me to look always for God’s perspective in what is around me.

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