Families and Tradition

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to spend with family. People remember stories from other years and do things the same way thus forming traditions. Sometimes it is hard to carry on traditions because a member of the family has passed away or is on vacation or a mission trip in another country. Sometimes circumstances change. Our family has developed many traditions – the Grinch t-shirt which Lloyd wears every Christmas morning, the inflatable Santas by the tree. Now the tree is only two feet high which is prefect for an apartment. Now the inflatable Santa is outside Vicki’s house on the front lawn.

Some traditions we try to maintain whatever the circumstances.  Our Christmas coffee cake is one of those traditions.  Even though our daughter had to work on Christmas coffee-cakethis year we were able to get together and have the coffee cake after we opened stockings. Everyone helps in the making of the cake – sorting out the dry ingredients the night before. The mixing the cake in the morning  and adding the maraschino cherries – red and green and waiting for it to bake as we sort gifts.   Each person opens one present at a time. We laugh and see who wins the sock war (This year no one received a pair of socks.) Then we settle with a glass of juice or cup of coffee and eat the coffee cake while it is still warm. The cake is good but the shared experience is what is important.

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