Great Gifts

Some Christmas gifts we remember for a long time. Others are things we eat like chocolate or things we wear – a new sweat shirt – and they do no last a long time. At our house, one T-shirt, the Grinch, is still remembered and comes out every Christmas morning.  What about the Billy Bass fish which hung on walls and moved and snag? Other gifts are not remembered for a long time. I remember children playing with the box their gift came in rather than the gift itself.  I also remember in one gift exchange receiving a pair of Canada Olympic mitts that are very warm.

I remember in particular two gifts that I received one Christmas almost 60 years ago. The first was my first tube of lipstick and I remember my father who gave it to me saying to my mother that is was time for my sister and I to be allowed to grow up. It was our first year of high school. The other gift was from my mother and it was my first bible. Although I have used other bibles since, in Spanish and in English, that Bible stayed with me for most of fifty years. On that first Christmas, when I opened the gift we opened the Bible and read the Christmas story.

There is another Christmas gift that has meant a great deal to me. The gift of the baby Jesus is special because the baby grew and 33 years later died on a cross to pay the price for my sins. The baby received gifts from three Wiseman – gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Jesus received gifts but he was also a gift.   Salvation is the best gift of Christmas. It is a forever gift and will always be with me; it is a personal gift as he died for me.  Keep Jesus in your Christmas this year. Be prepared to share the most precious gift of all.

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