Rain, Rain, Go Away

As a child, did you sing, “Rain rain, go away; come again another day?” After 24 consecutive days of rain, it is very tempting to sing the song. However, where rain is often scarce and drought can last a couple of years in some areas, the question is “which is better a lot of rain or no rain at all?”. In one location a five year old knelt by a chair and asked for the rain to stop so the service could take place that evening.  Her faith was a delight to see and we were able to have a service that evening although the night before service was cancelled. One Sunday morning, we were unable to get to a service because of the heavy rain. Otherwise the rain did not keep us from ministry.

What do we do when it rains?  An umbrella is essential. A plastic bag covers the camera case. I wear my crocs instead of my runners. The first time I got the runners wet, it took 3 days to dry them out. Lots of good things happen too. At the baby dedication, the pastor stood under an umbrella held by a church member. Another person used his cell phone to provide enough light to read.  The parents and grandparents huddled under umbrellas, covered their heads with towel, or stood under upside down plastic chairs held over their heads to keep off the rain.  In another community, a man let us walk through his house in order to get to another house which was impossible to reach because of the mud. People bring out umbrellas and escort you to your vehicle.   We laugh and say we shouldn’t teach the story of Noah anymore or sing “Showers of blessing”.

We don’t sing “Rain, rain go away. “ Rain is a blessing from God.

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