Reaching Outside One’s Culture

In the Dominican Republic, there are people from many cultures. In one service, we had Canadians, a person born in Israel now living in the United States, Haitians and Dominicans. Many do not know that the Dominican Republic opened its doors to and received many Jewish people during the time of Hitler. However, there are two main culture groups in the country, Dominicans and Haitians. The Apostle Paul in his ministry wherever he went, went to the Jews first and then to the gentiles. He was called to be an apostle to the gentiles.

In the Dominican, Haitians might be likened to the gentiles are often mistreated or invisible and very needy. Children who are not legal can not attend school and their parents work mainly in agriculture and construction.  Children do not have activities to occupy them and without education their future is limited.  Lloyd has felt called to a ministry for Haitian children through a Bible club.  Our trip this time was in part to seek confirmation of the call and gather information. The other object of the call was opportunities to evangelize Haitians.

Encouragement and confirmation comes from pastors.  A meeting in a rural area in the North West of the country was arranged by Pastor Jose Santana. We attended an information meeting where 18 Haitian children and some of their mothers and other adults were present. A Co-operative seems to be the best way to develop this ministry. The Haitian mothers are very eager for their children to have opportunities to learn

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