Friday Night at Ana`s

Twenty people gathered at Pastora Ana`s house even though Ana was not home. It was party time – actually a good-bye party for Lloyd and I as we left Esperanza and prepared to return to Canada. Ana`s daughter in law, Claribel, and her neighbour, Leidy, put together the party, bringing food from the two new businesses they started. Claribel barbecues wieners and sells by the barbershop where her husband Joel works.  Barbecuing in the  rain was a disadvantage but Claribel was pleased to serve. (Lloyd took a break from the party for a haircut  from  Joel.) Leidys has started a Pica Polo business and sells fried chicken and fried plantain. We also had yucca and a grated and fried yucca pastry called chulo. There was a real feast and a lot of laughs and fun as we ate and talked.  It was a blessing for all.  We were happy to help these two businesses and Leidys and Claribel did a great job of planning all the details.

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