For Such a Time as This

Timing is an important factor in our actions. Mordecai said to his niece Esther that she may have become the queen when she did because God wanted her in that place when her people – the Jews- were threatened. Esther stepped forward and the king changed the orders that would have destroyed the Jewish people in his kingdom.

We invited our friend Esther to the Dominican Republic many times in the past but now seems to be the time that God has chosen for her to travel there on a mission experience. Esther will spend ten days in the DR and work with 2 or 3 pastors teaching English. As mission groups go into the Dominican, more pastors want to learn a little English. Esther has been a teacher and is trained in TESOL – Teaching English as a Second Language. Her bubbly style of teaching will make the learning process a lot of fun. Esther was a music teacher for many years and she will make use of that gift by playing key board in worship services.  We will sing Cuán Grande Es Él – How Great Thou Art and some well very well-known choruses. May God use her at this time to meet needs in the three communities she visits.

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