Vision and Confirmation

yard sales and Tatia                Since Lloyd’s last visit to the Dominican Republic, he has felt a call to explore the viability of new ministry – working with illegal Haitian children in the Dominican Republic. He has been touched by their inability to be in schools, the consequences of having nothing to do all day and a bleak future if they are not able to get an education.  His vision is for a Bible Club ministry and for children to study the Bible they need to learn to read.

This week we met with a couple who have long history of experience with ministry in Haiti. As Lloyd talked about his vision, we could see interest and excitement for a plan to reach out to the children and less directly to their mothers. The discussion was inspiring and encouraging for all.  For Lloyd, the positive response is a confirmation that the vision is a calling. For the couple it was exciting to hear that others are preoccupied for the welfare of Haitian children. The assurance that there are good quality resources available in Creole for evangelization was exciting. Beginning to learn about the culture of the Haitian is valuable information for us.

Next stage involves determining whether there is interest in such a ministry. The support of local Dominican churches is essential to the success of a pilot project.  In a month, we plan to ask a lot of questions while we are in the Dominican Republic.

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