Changing Seasons

A couple of days ago, we officially entered fall – a new season and a time of change. The kids are back to school, harvest is taking place, leaves are turning colour and will soon fall. Temperatures are dropping; new groups are formed, dance classes start again and fall sports start up. Jackets come out of the closet and the bathing suits into a drawer. The two past days have been dedicated to closing the swimming pool.

Migrant workers start going back to Mexico. They look for suitcases and gather things to take home to their family. Those things could include a box of pencil crayons, new clothing, a new pair of tennis shoes, musical instruments, a blanket for the new baby, toys for their kids or tools for their work in Mexico. They weigh their suitcases carefully and sometimes wear two layers of clothes so they can get more home. They leave behind the friends and churches they have been part of in Canada.

In ministry, we also enter a new season.  As the migrant workers leave, Lloyd and I begin to focus on mission teams to the Dominican Republic, preparing teams, teaching Spanish songs and more Spanish classes, booking tickets. We begin to gather supplies for crafts and prepare ideas to share with leaders in the Dominican. Ecclesiastes 3:1 states “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.”  May the new activity you are involved in be one that glorifies God.

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