Mariachi Singers, Tacos and Cancelling Debt

You might ask what these three things have to do with each other especially the last one with the first two. All three were together at WestPark Iglesia in London to celebrate Independence Day with a large number of Mexican migrant workers. Also together were 250 or more people singing Spanish and English and enjoying a good time together.  Where did the 250 people come from?  Some came from London, some from Stratford, some from Sarnia and others from places like Thedford, Mount Brydges and Tillsonburg where Pastor Mario and his team have been involved in evangelism to migrant workers.

How does debt fit into the situation? Pastor Mario spoke about debt just before the meal was served and in particular, spiritual debt which causes feelings of guilt and separation. He also explained that the debt has been cancelled by Jesus on the cross and that heaven is open for all. Fourteen people prayed for God to cancel their debt and free them from guilt and to receive the gift of salvation. The Mariachi singers were excellent and one Mexican said thank you to Ana (a singer) for bringing joy into a moment of sadness in being away from home on a day that is very important to their culture and experience. Lots of people asked to have their picture taken with Ana.

Tacos – physical food – followed the cultural food (Mariachi) and spiritual food (the message) and were enjoyed by everyone. The event closed as Mexicans gathered clothing, hats, toys, suitcases and linens etc. to take home to their families in Mexico.

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