The Door is Open

                The door is open or more precisely la puerta esta abierta.  Our apartment is behind the biggest grocery store in Sarnia but more importantly this is the store where most of the Mexican migrant workers get their weekly food supplies. An invitation has been given to all of them to stop by for coffee, conversation, prayer or Bible study when they are in town. It is possible for us to have men come by on four different days of the week.  Some will come after their service on Sunday and others when they finish shopping.

Their visits give us a great opportunity to learn about their needs and to try to respond as well as to read a passage of scripture and pray with the men. While Jorge visited, he phoned his wife and I was able to say hello to her and her granddaughter. His wife was delighted that Jorge had a place to feel at home in a Christian atmosphere for a few minutes. Gamaliel talked about the construction of his home in Mexico and told us that every week his daughter asks if he has bought pencil crayons for her yet.  (Guess what we bought this week.)

The door is open for sharing, giving the gift of time, helping with shopping, providing a snack, and listening and to witnessing to God’s love.

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