Putting Your House in Order

Recently my husband and I moved from a house to an apartment which we love and we have been trying to get everything in a proper place. Obviously, the first part of the task was in giving away a lot of things because they do not fit. A vacuum cleaner went to one church, and four huge boxes of yarn to a church where woman knit and send things to Haiti etc.. But even after we moved, we found we still had too many things and chairs, picture frames, a tall lamp, a clothes hamper and several storage tubs went to a yard sale or to the Local Bibles for Missions store. Some things just didn’t fit with the new living space.  We also had to acquire some new things, such as the stand for coffee, the coffee maker and mugs – part of a new approach to hospitality. We also needed a table by our favourite chairs to hold the phone and the Bibles for morning and evening devotional reading.

New patterns or habits are necessary. We quickly discovered you can’t go to three or four grocery stores in one trip and expect to carry it all from the car to the elevator and then to the fifth floor.  Perhaps trying to carry all the groceries at once is a sign of people cramming too much into the time we have. Each time I am in the kitchen and want a spoon from the drawer, I have to remember that it is behind me and not to my left. Patterns and new routines are getting established and things are pretty well in order now.

I am reminded of Isaiah 38:1, when Isaiah the prophet brought the Lord’s message to the king. “Put your house in order.” I need to ask myself what habits do I need to discard? Do I gather about me too many things?  What do I have or do that doesn’t fit in a life ordered and dedicated to the Lord?  What new habits do I need to include – such as journaling?   How can I put my spiritual house in order?  Colossians 3:14 urges us all to “put on love which binds us all together in perfect unity.  That would be a real step to putting my spiritual house in order.

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