Joy and Sorrow

As this is posted, I am on my way to Toronto to fly to the Dominican Republic. While I look forward to my week, it will be a time of great joy and sorrow. I look forward to seeing for the first time baby Gabriel in Navas (son of Pastor Gabriel and Wilkenia) and to seeing Baby Ester Ana in Esperanza – the daughter of Marleny and Apolinar. I look forward to reconnecting with several pastors and churches. And I look forward to seeing Roberto and his brothers and sisters, his mother Silvia and all the family. And as always I look forward to the drive from the airport to Esperanza, the scenery, the bright colours and the changes I will see.

While I am gone, I will look forward to coming back to our new apartment and seeing all the things Lloyd and Vicki and Dave will get done there while I am gone –  new curtains, an air-conditioner etc.. I will look forward to sharing stories about my experiences with Lloyd.

There will be difficult moments and tears when I see Silvia’s family. Her husband, Emiliano, passed away on the 26th of July.  I will miss his friendly greeting when I arrive and the porch will seem empty without him.  So often we teased Emiliano about working hard. His work here is done but he leave s a hole in many hearts.

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