Correcting the Drift

Thirteen years ago, ministry to Mexican migrant workers in the Tillsonburg area began under the guidance of Open Arms church. A small group met one Saturday evening at the base of the clock tower in front of Metro and sang choruses in Spanish, read scripture and provided an opportunity for Spanish speaking migrant workers to accept Christ as Saviour. The following year members of Open Arms church joined with the Gurrola family from Durango, Mexico speaking with and praying for people in the streets and handing out cold cans of pop in front of the same Metro. The purpose was clear: people would have an opportunity to hear about Christ.

For the years which followed, a hospitality centre opened Friday afternoons in a variety of locations in downtown Tillsonburg. Workers came in; had a can of pop or bottle of water, used a cell phone, found clothing, received bibles and enjoyed time together with each other and the volunteers in the centre. Especially welcomed by the workers were the homemade cookies available every week.  Some workers learned some English. The centre wanted to be home and family for workers.

This year, on opening Friday, there was pop, cookies, water, tortillas and clothing all of which are good things. Carlos from London brought his guitar and led in singing several choruses and prayed individually with several Mexican who invited Christ to be their Saviour.  There were two areas or groups for learning English. A worker asked for a bible, another how he could arrange to attend a worship service in Spanish and received a cream for a medical problem. The focus was back on helping workers know Jesus Christ.

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