As my husband and I are preparing to move to a smaller place, we are realizing just how much stuff we had and how much we can give away. Huge containers of yarn went to a church with a knitting group which makes and send items to Haiti. Two boxes are packed and labelled to go to the Dominican Republic for craft ministry. More than a hundred frames for photos have been reduced to a dozen or so. An extra bed went to someone in need – thanks to NeighbourLink for helping us bless someone we do not even know. Next week Bibles for Mission will take away furniture and again people will be blessed and bibles can be sent where needed.  The clutter has been reduced to the point that there is an echo in some rooms of the house.

Our spiritual lives can be filled with clutter: things we have to take care of can rob us of time and energy for ministry. Things we collect and store take financial resources that perhaps could be better used. The Christian Spanish literature that filled more than a shelf is now blessing people in another community. What is taking your time and energy and cluttering your spiritual life? Is it too many hours playing computer games? Could you spend some of the time spent on games in reading the Bible or in prayer?   Jesus answered one man’s questions saying, “Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. Luke 12: 15”   Simplicity can be very freeing.

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