Three Events: Three Decisions for Christ

Good things come in threes, or so the expression says. This past weekend, Lloyd and I were present in three special Hispanic services in less than a 24 hour time frame. First, we were in Thedford at a supper and service for migrant workers from Mexico.  We ate pasta and salad and some people had lots of hot peppers on their pasta; then there was a lesson in English and a message from Pastor Mario. We saw old friends, made some new friends and Clemente was one of those new friends. Clemente lives in a small village in Jalisco which we visited two years ago and he remembers the huge party designed to bring smiles to many children.  Clemente brought smiles to our faces as he accepted Christ as his saviour.

The next morning we attended Iglesia de West Park in London where Pastor Mario leads a Spanish language congregation. A young man accepted Jesus as saviour at the end of the service. His girlfriends’ family and the church had been praying for him for sometime. Again there were smiles and also tears of joy as well.

Then we followed Pastor Mario and some members of the Spanish congregation to Mount Brydges. A month ago a new outreach ministry began there and another man accepted Christ as saviour. When God’s people take action, prepare themselves for these services and pray, God responds.

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