Memory Lane

As part of getting ready to move to an apartment, I am going through papers and remembering people and stories. Twenty years ago, Raul was a motorcycle mechanic in Esperanza in the Dominican Republic. He felt a call to begin pastoring and the cell group he led became a church plant which is now a flourishing church in Esperanza. Raul in the intervening years, studied in seminary and is an ordained Free Methodist pastor.

memory lane 2


This past March we visited with Raul and his family and saw two of the church plants near Santiago Rodriguez. One in Zamba had been refurbished with a paint job and new aluminum windows and doors.  The other in Maguana is a new beautiful new airy building high up and looking out over the valley. The Devries family from Sault Ste Marie traveled with us to Zamba.  We and they marveled as we went shopping with Pastor Raul to buy chairs for Zamba. Seventeen chairs were delivered to the pastor’s home by motorcycle taxi.

memory lane 1


In mid June, the Free Methodist conference transferred Pastor Raul to the central church in Esperanza back to here he started and where he and his wife Demaris were married.

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