Creating Space

creating space 2               Creating space are words that I heard often this week while at Tyndale for a course on the Legacy of Henri Nouwen.  This is not about finding space in the closet for another pair of shoes or in the freezer for your favourite kind of ice cream. Creating space also did not mean finding a corner where our small group could share about their personal essay or plan for our presentation.

When Nouwen talks about creating space, he means creating space for people to express themselves while another person listens attentively or he means creating space for God to work in a situation rather than trying to solve situation in one’s own strength. As we create space for God, we become increasingly aware of His presence.  In a period of guided spiritual reading or in lectio divino, creating space during the course allowed us to respond to what God was saying without distraction by others in the group.

creating space 1a_edited-1               Tyndale Seminary has a spacious chapel and spacious grounds and is a quiet spot on a main street of Toronto. We shared laughter, tears and cake. But the best was sharing space and a sense of community with others.

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