Moving for Blessings

Moving is not easy. I spoke with a teen yesterday that moved last year to a different country some 4000 miles from his home and friends.  His comment was making new friends was not easy. Moving all of one’s possessions is also not easy. As humans, we seem to gather things along life’s journey. Perhaps I went to too many yard sales but over ten years a lot of stuff gathered in our house which will not fit in an apartment.

Abraham, at God’s instruction, set out with his wife and nephew and the people they had with them and all the possessions they had accumulated.   A major effort! God said, “Go to the place I will show you.”  God promised people in the new place would be blessed by Abraham.

Recently Lloyd and I have felt that it was time for change of home and ministry and we will soon be setting out from our home and moving to a place we believe God has prepared for us and where we will be both blessed and be a blessing.  Our new home is located just behind the shopping complex where most of the migrant workers come to shop and so they can easily drop by for a coffee, prayer, a bible study or just friendly conversation.  Among the things we will move are the Spanish language Bibles, the Mexican cookbooks and the two coffee makers.

Like Abraham, we go obediently and hope to be a blessing in a new phase of ministry.

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