Yard Sales and Haitian Children

yard sale 2                Yesterday my husband, son in law and daughter and I had a lot of fun having a yard sale. In spite of the threat of rain, there was lots of sun, enough for sunburns. We chatted with interesting people, and met a couple originally from Mexico now living in Sarnia. They were delighted to find a hammock.

We had two motives for the sale – to empty the house of many things like part of Lloyd’s picture frame connection, my thimble connection, paintings and a machete from the Dominican Republic, blankets from Mexico, lawn chairs, coffee mugs, school and craft supplies, four piece of furniture, GREAT – because we did not have to move them again.

The second motive was to raise funds to work with Haitian children living in the Dominican Republic. There are many Haitian children in the Dominican and they do not yard sales and Tatiahave the necessary documents to attend school. These children are found in almost every community we have visited in the Dominican. Without education, there is not much for them in the future. Our hope is to look into programs, perhaps Bible clubs where the children can learn to read, get some skills and learn to socialize in acceptable ways.  Tatia is one of these children. What a blessing it would be to see her learn to read.

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