We will miss you, Elsa

elsa park               I first met Elsa through migrant Mexican ministry in South West Ontario and every summer we saw each other several times and in several places. She and her husband, Julio, came to Father’s Day picnics in the park bringing workers with them,  to Independence Day Celebrations in Forest and to ministry time –of soccer, food and a message once a month in Burford and to evangelism efforts in Thedford.

Elsa Gurrolas            She welcomed visitors in her home, the Gurrola family from Mexico, workers from Mexico and Guatemala. She always greeted me with a smile a hug and “I love you, Barbie”.  Her encouragement and her prayers blessed my ministry over and over again. Her support for her husband’s ministry meant she watched an awful lot of soccer games. After those games, there was fellowship, praise, sharing God’s word and prayer

Elsa Forest                The workers she met from Sarnia, Forest, Thedford, Stratford, Burford and Exeter all loved Elsa. She remembered their names, asked about their families and prayed for them regularly.

Elsa was beloved by Guatemalans, Mexicans and Canadians alike. What a wonderful example of faith. We miss you.

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