Finding Rest

z junk 1

Last week, I wrote about the need to find rest after a mission experience and its intensity of activity.  Lloyd and I are just home from a week of sunshine, no phones, no cooking and no cleaning or yard work etc.



Spending time enjoying God’s beautiful creation is peaceful and restful. We enjoyed white sand, beautiful tall, palm trees, a choice of three swimming pools, fresh pineapple, mangos, melons and bananas. We shared z junk 2our experience with Vicki and Dave who, respectively loved banana smoothies with breakfast and mochachino coffee by the pool. The sun was bright and when the rain came it was during the evening and night.


z junk 4

The complex where we stayed had some special regular visitors. We walked by the iguanas each day, listened to the flamingo mating call and appreciated the full splendour of the peacock feathers. Occasionally the peacocks wandered through the dining room. The geckos changed from a grey-brown to a fresh green depending on where they were. The sand was a beautiful white color.

While we saw paintings and crafts, coloured beads, they could not match the bright red, yellow and white flowers or different shades of green along the pathways we walked. All praise to our Creat

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