Needing a Rest

Needing a rest 2                Why would someone who has just spent six weeks in the Dominican Republic say they need a rest?  One of the first things we did on our return from ministry in the Dominican was plan for a week of vacation.

Why did we need a rest? During six weeks, we made 8 trips to the airport picking up or dropping off team members.  One week, we took a needing a rest 1family of four on tour of several church sites (13) from Santiago almost to the border of Haiti. Later, during ten days in Navas with another team, I preached 9 sermons, led the outreach presentations in a dozen classrooms and also in 10 home visits with a benevolent package and gospel message or to pray for families with health needs, assisted with the baptism of six people, explained the crafts for several ladies events. We attended the 6 am Easter Sunday service, went to a fundraiser concert, visited and prayed in hospitals.  In total, we visited 20 or more churches and/or pastors and ate in more than twenty different homes of pastors and church leaders. Lloyd drove somewhere almost everyday.  There was a baby dedication, balloons at children’s special programs and the serving of communion.

Needing a rest 3

God provided energy and strength but He is now giving us a rest.

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