Fishers of Men

Some people when they retire hang out a sign saying, “Gone fishing”.  Lloyd and I began using the name Gone Mission for our ministry when we retired. We created a web site called Gone Mission which has since been replaced by a bilingual Facebook page by that name.

Fishers of men 2                Over the sixteen years since we adapted the name, we have enjoyed some great fish meals when we are in the coastal region of the Dominican Republic. This March about sixteen people gathered around the table at Buen Hombre beach (Buen hombre translates good man) to enjoy fish and fried plantain and a green salad.  In the group were five pastors, seven team members from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and others. We sat under a roofed area on the beach, prayed, then enjoyed the fish feast and relaxed together.

After Jesus’ death, seven of his disciples went back to what they knew and went fishing but they caught nothing. Then Jesus told them to cast their net on the other side of the boat. They did so and filled net with fish. When they arrived at shore, they saw a fire and fish and bread laid out on it. Jesus invited them to have breakfast with him.  When Jesus first called the apostles three years earlier, he invited them to become fishers of men. The huge catch they brought in was a reminder that they were still called as fishers of men and that there were still many people who needed to know about Jesus.

Fishers of men         The people who gathered to enjoy the fish at the beach at Buen Hombre were all people who had been called to serve the Lord and to carry the message of salvation to others. The fishermen who were called needed to obey Jesus and cast then net. Jesus filled the net. Missionaries are called to tell the story. God provides the catch.

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