Descending the Mountain

When Moses came down from the mountain with two stone tablets, he was not aware that his face was shining as a result of talking with God. The shining was a sign of Moses presence with God and others were afraid and did not know how to respond.  It was necessary for Moses to cover his face except when he spoke with the Lord

Missionaries returning home experience a coming down or descent from the joy and enthusiasm that was part of their experience while on a team.They spent from sunrise to at least two hours after sunset in ministry, where they were surrounded by enthusiastic worshipers, eating together in fellowship and attending daily services each evening. The day has been filled with snapshots of a child singing a worship chorus, seeing tears as an elderly couple reconciles to the Lord when the church reaches out and brings them food for a week. The awesome presence of God is felt in the hospital visits, the baptism in the river, the 6 am Easter Sunday service and the communion service.  Team members feel very close to God and their eyes and faces shine.  Total immersion in service and community overwhelms.

But then a team member returns to life where church is one hour on Sunday morning. Perhaps one other day in the week, there is a ministry activity. But for the most part, it is being home alone in your house, shut in and cut off from others.  Before long the shining fades and the awesome sense of God’s closeness also diminishes.

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